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ClampTite | The Perfect Tool For Every Handyman

You'll find hundreds of uses... ClampTite is the perfect handyman's helper.

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ClampTite | Better Way To Make Clamps

–unsurpassed as a multi-purpose tool

Finally, there's a better way to make clamps. You can make custom clamps, any size, any shape, anywhere, from wire. We recommend stainless steel wire because of its strength and durability. The ClampTite tool will work with all wires, but you have to match the wire to the application. By simply cutting the wire to the length you need, you can have a clamp of any size.

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The ClampTite is an affordable tool that makes a perfect
Father's Day gift, Birthday gift or Christmas gift for dad (or mom!!)

ClampTite Products

ClampTite - Stainless Steel Tool w/Bronze Knob

ClampTite - Stainless Steel Tool w/Bronze Knob

Marine grade all stainless steel tool with aluminum bronze knob and lanyard extension. This is our strongest and most durable tool for average use. Lanyard cord comes for free with purchase.

Available in: Black, Green, Red & Blue

ClampTite - Stainless-aluminum

ClampTite - Stainless-aluminum

Aluminum body with stainless steel tip, threads, pins and wing nut.

ClampTite - Light Industrial Tool

ClampTite - Light Industrial Tool

Machined from stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.
Designed to work with heaver gauge wires (up to 10 gauge) in open areas.

It's ideal for large irrigation and pumping systems.

ClampTite - Large Industrial Tool

ClampTite - Large Industrial Tool

Exceptionally strong banding tool which is used for securing or attaching large objects.
Designed to work with #9 (.144) wire.

Small stainless steel wire

ClampTite - Small stainless steel wire

Available in:
  • 304 stainless steel - .041 dia. about 50'
  • 316 stainless steel - .041 dia. about 40'
  • 400 series "Monel" stainless steel - .041 dia about 25'

  • Large 304 stainless steel wire

    ClampTite - Large 304 stainless steel wire

    Available in:
  • .041 dia. about 165'
  • .051 dia about 105'
  • .062 dia about 85'

  • Order today through our online product catalog

    Uses For The Clamptite Tool

    With Clamptite you can make clamps from ordinary wire – even a coat hanger!

    Here's some examples:

    Garden Hose Repair Using The Clamptite Tool
    Repair your garden hose with a clean
    tight fit.
    Garden Hose Repair
    How many times have you had Americas favorite repair hang up on everything or cut yourself on the sharp tail?
    Clamptite tool can help make a tigher seal
    Note how the wire draws in behind the barbs to give a tighter seal
    Attach hooks to ropes usiing the clamptite tool
    Attach hooks to
    your ropes.
    Splice a softener into rope using your clamptite tool.
    Splice a softener into your anchor rope.
    Custom repair bun gi cords with a clamptite.
    Custom repair your
    bun gi cords.
    Whip the ends of your ropes with a clamtite.
    Permanently whip the ends of your ropes.
    With a clamptite tool, you can make your own lead ropes.
    Make your own
    lead ropes.
    The clamptite tool lets you repair air hoses Air hoses are cleanly repaired. Clamptite tool helps to make water tight seals when splicing different sized hoses. Make a water tight seal splicing different sized hoses. Shrink pipe for a water tight fit. 1 1/2" pipe, 2" adapter.
    Shrink it down for a
    water tight fit.
    With the clamptite tool, you now have every size of wood clamp you need.
    What size wood clamp
    do you need? You now
    have every size.
    Just add wire.
    Spring compressor "I needed a spring compressor one time." repair tough hoses with clamptite Got really tough hoses
    to repair?
    clamptite works with most wires
    The tool will work with most wire, but keep in mind
    the wire is your clamp. The quality of the
    wire is the quality of the clamp. Stainless
    steel wire is the strongest and most durable.
    fix handles with the clamptite tool   fix handles
    OUCH!! What a hand pinscher!
    Weathered and split tool handles can not be
    permanently repaired.
    wire clamps How strong are your wire clamps? We put 2 double wrap clamps on each eye. This is good quality 3/8 braided nylon rope. Then we pressured the 1 1/4" ram to 3000lbs.. At this pressure, the locks started to lift and the rope was starting to fray. The clamps started to fail at the breaking strength of the rope, well beyond the working strength of the rope. repair drive line
    Now you can repair your
    drive line and c/v boots
    without purchasing
    expensive one time use
    special tools and clamps.

    fix a hammer using clamptite
    Fix the split hammer

    Instructions for a double wrap clamp:

    Instructions for a double wrap clamp
    Step 1: Cut the wire to length (4 times around the item you're clamping plus 12 inches of the wire). Fold wire in half, tape (or wire nut) ends together and wrap around item where you want the clamp. Tuck the ends thru the loop.
    Instructions for a double wrap clamp
    Step 2: Wrap around (inside the first wrap), tuck thru loop again and remove the tape (or wire nut). Place tool as shown, with wire over front pin. Twist ends together tightly.
    Instructions for a double wrap clamp
    Step 3: Place notch at end of tool against the wire loop and turn wingnut clockwise to tighten.
    Instructions for a double wrap clamp
    Step 4: Rotate tool over to lock the clamp. Loosen wingnut and remove ClampTite tool. Clip off wire ends about 1/4" from clamp and push them down against the hose.
    Download a printout version (PDF) of instructions: Double Wrap, Single Wrap.
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