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Hitch Master

Multiply the power of you, lift and pull heavy loads with confidence.


See bellow for examples of use for the Hitchmaster!


– Experience the ease and versatility of this pocket-size dynamic rope pulley system.

Use the HitchMaster for pulling, lifting, or as a tie down. This is a pulley system without any moving parts. It's easy to use. No fancy knots to tie. It's light in weight. It's compact size allows it to go in a tool pouch that fits on your belt. It's also small enough to fit in the tool boxes of your snowmobiles and ATV's.

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Large Pair of HitchMasters

Pair of Large HitchMasters
$35.00 "Website Special"
(regular price $40.00)

Handles up to 5/8 in rope – 7/16" and 1/2" being ideal sizes.

Examples of Practical Use

6 pulley system
When you get your 4 wheeler stuck, you can use the pipe bumper for a pulley. This 6 pulley system allows you to grab throttle and pull at the same time.
Can you do that with a come-along?
12 pulley system
If you're really stuck and the 6 pulley system isn't enough, add more. Hook your 2nd Hitchmaster on the line your pulling on and create a 2nd 6 pulley system, making it a 12 pulley system.
Pulley System - anchor to a bunch of brush
Sometimes you have to use a bunch of brush for an anchor. Tie off to it create your pulley system in the line where you want it. Make it so you can pull and grab throttle at the same time.
Pulley System - tighten a load down
Really tighten a load down, even when it wants to spring on you.
Pulley System - secure your camper
A secure hold down for your camper at high winds.
Pulley System - secure your airplane
A quick easy tie down for your airplane without fancy knots.
Lift an engine easily!
How about making a 150lb. engine block a one handed lift.
Grab the throttle and pull
This is the only tool that lets you
grab throttle and
pull at the same time.

Tool Pouch
The compact size allows it to go
in a tool pouch that
fits on your belt.
Tie off to a tree
How about a stuck snowmobile? Tie off to a tree.

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HitchMaster Instructions

HitchMaster Instructions : Securing your load.

 HitchMaster Instructions : Lifting - Winching

Download a printout version (PDF) of instructions:

HitchMaster "Securing your load."
Hitchmaster "winching".

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